Monday, November 4, 2013

I was in the mood to make a whole little quilt yesterday, the top anyway! I managed to accomplish just that, yeah! This one is little indeed, will finish about 16"x16". That's small for me & my type of projects, but hey, that's okay, & I love it already! Great way to try different patterns too, so I may get the hang of doing some of these little quilts too! This one is from the book "Micro Mini Quilts" by Moose Porch Quilts. Neat little booklet, see more in here I want to try! The strip on top will be a border or binding fabric, once I figure out how I want to accomplish that. Anyway, love this one & wanted to share it here....

Monday, September 23, 2013

I  am so happy to say I finished quilting my quilt that I posted pics of here last post! It was an adventure, but a pleasant journey also! I quilted it in sections, on my domestic machine & I used a stencil & tracing paper to do it! Love, love, love how it turned out! Now I can think about what next! We found this great dragonfly stencil in Joanns & then I knew how I wanted to quilt this beautiful quilt! I did it in sections, the sewed all the sections together. I learned alot more doing this one too, which should help my future quilting adventures. Okay, here goes!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Time to make a quilt, quilt it, that is, lol!...

Not sure why, but I am in the mood to machine quilt a quilt top. Good idea really, since I have lots to choose from! Decided on one I did in sections, a keeper, for our queen size bed! We recently found this neat Dragonfly free motion quilting template at Joann's & I think that helped inspire me, since I am dying to give it a try, lol! Even went back & bought another simialar, with roses in it! Now I have some new toys to play with & try out! This one is asian prints, mostly florals, & I added a few batiks to it! The blocks are Drunkards Path, which I love, & I have six separate sections to quilt, then stitch together, & add a border to. I got the first one all sandwiched & pin basted & ready to quilt! I used PressNSeal to trace the stencil on, & can peel it off once I am done stitching... This first section is like a test run, then I will go from there! Here are a couple of pics of sections of this quilt, to give you an idea of what I am building! .... Now, another part of my quilting journey can begin, & I will post a pic when I finish this first section, wish me luck & stay tuned!...

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dear Jane...A12..another little finish, yeah!

The Dear Jane bug bit today, so i got busy & made another block! A12 & I am pretty happy with how it turned out! Another thing I recently figured out is I have something called "Photo Booth" here on my Mac laptop. It's a pic taker, in case you are wondering, & what's nice is, the pics end up on my laptop as quick as I take them! How cool is that! So, I got this block done, & decided to try taking a pic of it this way. Took a few trys to mainly get the whole block in the pic & not alot of other stuff! So, here goes, & now I have discovered a new quick way to share my block pics!... You may be seeing lots more blog pics now & I couldn't be any happier with my discovery!...This block is 5in too, just like the other DJ blocks I have posted, in case you are wondering. Isn't it cute, I think I really like how it turned out!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

I know, I'm bad, been awhile since I posted here, but I am back again, with new pics to share! Updates mostly of things started, but not done yet, lol, my kind of quilting, I guess! First, here are my Dear Jane blocks! Top half are new, bottom half are my starter ones! Found some places with info on paper piecing them now, & all of a sudden, they have become fun & addicting to do! So here's the new pic, enjoy!

Okay, having to figure this out as I go once again, so bear with me on the pics & posting, lol!
Next update is my Farmer Wives Sampler blocks! Once again, I am paper piecing these now too, with more newly found info on pp blocks for these, & am much happier with how easy they are working up! These are 6.5in blocks right now, the DJ ones in first pic are 5in, in case you are wondering. Enjoy!
 Okay, next pic! I love quilts done will all one shape, not sure why, but I seem to be drawn to them, okay. So, recently, online, I saw this lovely Applecore shaped quilt done scrappy & I was hooked! Found an applecore template from a quilt mag article I had saved & off I went! I have cut 64 shapes, so far, & started sewing them together in fours. Here is some I have done so far! Not bad, but want to keep adding to them before I start sewing the foursome blocks together. It will probably grow to lap size or couch size quilt by the time I stop, but this is another ongoing project, as I get the urge to work on it, so look for more progress shots as it continues to grow! Should be fun & I have plenty of stash & scraps to make each piece different too, lol!.. Enjoy!...
Okay, one more pic! This one, I call my inspiration board, & these are things I have played with lately, mostly hexies! I like to try out different blocks & play around. I have also found, having some stuff like this, hanging in my studio, around my working area, inspires me! So this is it for me. I also find out what I like making or not making, this way. I like all of this you see here, with one exception, that little mini dresden plate! I guess it's not my kind of block to make, just don't enjoy building them, & feel they are way to much work for what you end up with, so knowing that now, I am not doing anymore of them & am happier, just having decided that, lol! Crazy huh, but true, none the less!  Okay folks, that's it for now, & please feel free to leave any comments here on my blog! I love hearing from anyone & everyone who happens to come here! Hugs to all & see you soon again, I hope!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Okay, just realized, that's not the finished quilt, so will post one of it finished, lol!

I have a new finish to share! This is a group quilt project I took on for the list owner, who is a friend of mine, & I help run the fb group too. This quilt is in honor of her mom's recent passing, & for the new chapter in her life, she recently began, with alot of help & encouragement from a few of her friends & some family members. So, it's both a memory quilt & one to celebrate a new beginning! I loved doing this quilt, it was one where I started in the center & worked my way out. The 12in blocks were sent to me, & it was like a hidden puzzle, designing a quilt idea around each block, then bringing them altogether in one big quilt! It was quite, but I just too it one step at a time, one block at a time, one section at a time & it gradually grew & became it's own quilt! I am very happy with the end result, only wish the pictures showed the real beauty of it, but you get a good idea anyway! Enjoy & feel free to comment, or ask questions! Happy to share!...

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

I wanted to share my first completion of the new year, &, my first try doing a "Pieced Hexie Block!

Once in awhile, it all comes together, just as you imagined, & When it does, it's so cool, isn't it!
This first one was alot of work, figuring out how to do it, but it was worth the journey! 

I got this book recently from a dear friend & had put off try the hexie designs cause I didn't like the technique used, it just didn't seem doable to me, & my friend, who gifted the book tried & it didn't work for her. So I was skeptical. Then, a different of doing it, & achieving the desired result, occured to me. A light bulb moment one gets sometimes! I tried it, took my time, did it my way & it worked. So I wanted to share it here! What do you think? Me, it's a keeper, & hope to try some more soon!