Monday, June 28, 2010

A Tribute to our recently lost Furbaby...

Well, pardner, you were the very best;
Your winning way was always there;
Your not complaining was surely the test;
So, we have some great memories to share.
Loki, my ever-present friend, were you;
Always waiting as I came home out-of-sorts,
Playing after supper was what you liked to do.
Every day you brought such joy to our hearts.
You came into our lives at eight weeks old
And began to play and flip somersaults;
Playing with your toys as you were so bold…
Almost perfect without too many faults.
Loki, you were always ready and at the guard,
Keeping an eye out around the homestead,
Barking at strangers who came ‘round the yard,
You always thought you were a big-dog instead.
You’d roll on your back on top of a toy;
We thought you were scratching your back.
Whatever it was, it brought you great joy,
But when you got tired it was time for the sack.
My little buddy, you loved to go for a ride
In the van or the truck, it didn’t matter which;
When you heard the keys rattle, you’d be at our side
And were ready for your leash, that was a cinch.
A smart little dog was Loki, you see,
You could talk to us by waving your paws
When you wanted outside so you could go pee;
We can’t think of a dog that has no flaws.
You were as close as any dog I have known
At being the perfect friend to woman or man;
Every day this little terrier-mix would have shown
That you could be understood—yes you can!
Patient to the end was our little friend,
Even as mysterious sickness took its toll.
You were a trooper even up to the end,
And now you’re in heaven for your final stroll.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ranger & his very own quilt to be....

Yep, it's in the works, & soon to be completed! Notice all the orange in it! Dad's favorite color, so Ranger says go for it! ..This little guy is already something else, am waiting to see how he acts when his little brother arrives on the scene, lol!....

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some new excitement in our lives here...

Most of you, who follow our blogs, know that we lost our beloved Loki, while on our recent cross country trip out to CA & back. There has been this major void in our lives ever since, soooo... we have been puppy hunting! Actually, Rod did some major hunting online, lol! Well, we made our choice, just one, but then he said, but I really like this other little guy too! So, you guessed it, now we are getting two!

His choice is a Chi/Jack (Chihuahua/jack Russell), about a yr old, male & we pick him up on Sat., about a 2hr drive from us. His new name will be Ranger! Here is a pic we just got of him! 10 lbs of energy, I hear! (Keep in mind, he told me he didn't want a little dog, yeah, right! LOL!)

My choice is a Co/Jack (Corgi/Jack Russell). He is around 7 months old & will come to us from Kentucky. Not a set day yet, but hopefully next week sometime. He is follower, not a leader, so he & Ranger should get along great. His new name will be Harley... Not sure of his size, but he doesn't look like he will get much bigger...time will tell! (Look at that face...ahh!)

You can expect more updates & pics, once these two come to live at their home, with us! Life will never be the same around here, & that's a good thing! A new chapter will soon begin at our house...stay tuned!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gee it's good to be back home again!

Yes, I know, it's a line from an old song, lol, what can I say, but it is so true! Our trip was great, for the most part, but it is so nice just to be back home here once again! Love it! I did get quite a bit of hand quilting done while on the road for 42 days, so that is something, isn't it! I think I completed 9 of those little hexagon flowers, & a whole bunch of triangle squares I cut out & was hand piecing, then, got bored & cut out some little drunkard's path blocks out of this neat pack of floral charm squares I have. I think I only have 3 of them left to assemble, then I can work on putting another little quilt, of some sort, together! Used some cream colored, tone on tone, along with them, so this should look really neat. Very soft looking, I'm hoping for. Anyway, the trip was great, got to see lots of family & some old friends too, plus, we had some real vacation time, coming & going, & got to play tourists here & there, so that really helped make this one memorable vacation!

Till next time, you all take care, & stay tuned!