Friday, August 17, 2012

Well, have decided to spend more time here, I tend to forget to come here & share, so am going to work on that! Here is a top I just finished late yesterday afternoon! I worked on this while hubby was glued to the tube, watching just about anything & everything while the Olympics were on! Need I say more, I found myself spending a lot more time in my studio & here the result! Love it! Love these little blocks, little drunks, a friend calls them! Love the colors too! I started with a fq pack & a coordinating charm pack from Joann's, that I feel in love with when I saw them! Cut the first sets out, just using them, & decided they needed more fabrics, to set them off. So added some batiks & a few blenders, & got much better results! Hope you like it too!....

Saturday, June 23, 2012

I got to play with fabric today for a bit! Did some cutting for a charm quilt of sorts. Have to patterns very similar, I am going by, but of course, changing both a bit & making it my own creation! That's what makes quilting so fun for me! No pics, but will post progress once I start building it. Trying to watch a lot less tv & spend more time in my studio, my little corner of the world, I call it... Life is good, & so is my sanity, as long as I keep quilting, lol....

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hexies, another love!

More Applique, I love it all!

Here are some other blocks I am working on! These are from the lovely book by Edyta Sitar, called "Hop To It! I am hand appliqueing these, using the back basting method, & mostly batiks, with a scrappy cream background. I love these blocks & plan to do nine of them, with a bunny one being in the center...

I realize....

Looking back through my last posts here, I realize I have more quilt related pics I haven't added here, so will work on this!
One other thing I am working on, & yes, when it comes to quilting, I have lots of WIPS, works in progress, lol! I admit it, but that's okay, cause it keeps me sane & happy, what else can I say!

Now, first off, I did a block from the "Rose of Sharon" book by Sharon Peterson, & I did it her way, using rubber cement & machine appliqueing it, once I did all the prep work. That block I will post first. Turned out great, love it, but to me, it still seemed like alot of work!

The second pic is another one from that book, it's in progress, so it's not done by any means. This one corner is almost done, just needs four buds, yeah! Love how it's magically appearing, & this one, I am hand appliqueing, using the back basting method... No doubt I will be doing more of these blocks, using this method! Also, I like these colors better, softer, & more my own personal style! Keep in mind, when looking at the second one, I am working on the first quarter section of it!...

Another block I am working on!

This one is called Yin & Yang. Have always loved this particuliar design & had an opportunity to try it! Tried to ways, by machine, & was not happy with either. So, then I had a lightbulb moment, & thought, I can hand applique these, using the back basting method! I have done 5 of these, so far, & here is a pic of four of them, to give you a sample of how they are coming along! I do have a quilt design in mind, using these blocks & log cabin blocks, so this will continue to grow. I wanted to play with these first, as I know I have no problem doing log cabin ones, lol. Now I found an easy way to do a block I really love, & get the results I want! What more could a quilter ask for, right!
Once again it's been awhile, but I am back, quilting again, & new pics to share! Looks like I am doing this okay, so will proceed from here! ...
Today is the first day of summer & the heat is arriving here to beautiful western NC. Thank goodness for a/c! 
Quilting is my sanity, so it's nice to be busy creating once again! 
Now for some pics! 
This first one is a block from the Farmers Wife Sampler book. I tried to do this one using a bit different method & I love how it turned out! It's called Flip-Flop paper piecing, from a book with the same name. You paper piece your block all in one piece! Starting in the center & working out! None of those bulky seams from adding your pp sections together! I am posting a pic of the front, finished block, & the back, with the paper block still attached. You can be sure I will be doing more blocks this way, love it! What do you think???