Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Now we found a free program to do a mock up of our quilt design, to see how all these rosettes look together! Just two on mine, so far, with #3 nearing completion! I like this, fun to see how all that stitching I have been doing, is coming together! Enjoy!... Also added a pic of rosette 3, so far.. Love how all this is turning out!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Rosette 3 has begun, love it so far! Pics never do them justice, but we still have to share them, right, lol! I am so addicted to this project & my other new one, that I am having a hard time getting anything else around the house now, go figure, right! Anyway, here is the start of number 3 & the next row is in the works! Love all the colors in this one, although the black is a bear to hand stitch! Not too much more to go on this one, yeah!...


Thursday, March 12, 2015

I have discovered a second Millefiori Quilt project! Love this book & the smaller size of these! Had to start on this one also & here is my first center! I have this quilting bug bad right now, as it's all I want to do, lol! Feels good though, just hope I can keep it going & get alot done! This center measures 7.5 inches. Love this size! Forgot to mention about the other quilt in previous pics, the first rosette measures 35in across, & the second one measures 37in across, so nice to have these in two sizes to work on now! 

Ahh, my second rosette if finished & here it is! Love how this one turned out too! Wonder what I can come up with for #3? Time will tell, as this adventure continues for me, lol...


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My fascination with the Millefiori Quilt-Along continues! I can't seem to stop stitching on it, which is a good thing I guess, lol! Working on round 3 of the second one now, & love how it is all coming together! Here is a pic of round 2 completed, laying on a lovely tile counter top in my recently remodeled kitchen! I could not have imagined how much fun EPP & hexies could be! I was growing tired of my little GFG flowers project & looking for something else to keep my attention. Then I found the new book, The New Hexagon, then a group was started on facebook for this project & so the fun has begun! I plan to come back with another pic, once I have this one altogether!