Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Well Rosette 4 from the New Hexagon - Millefiori Quilt Along, is on my design wall! Pieces all glue basted & ready for EPP stitching! Not sure about the little butterfly diamonds, but will see how I like them as my stitching progresses up to them! Love this one otherwise, & it is so different from the first three, which is good!... Now I can sit & stitch some more, yeah!...

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Now I am back working on my other Millefiori design, in the La Paz group! I had this center done & am adding a bit more to it now. This round is stars & am loving it! This is the first rosette, which stops at this point. Not sure I want to, & make it bigger, to use as another size in this one, but think I will work on some more centers, then decide later... Anyway, love the colors, & love how it's looking!

I finished Rosette 3 & added it to the background design for us! It's filling in nicely, can't wait to finish this one!