Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Waiting to be quilted.....French Braid, my way...

This one is all done, top & back, just waiting to become a quilt! Can't wait to get back to it, then have the completed quilt to enjoy...This was a really fun quilt to do, & want to do a smaller version in the near future...

Current Project...Bottle & Rattles baby quilt

This is a paper pieced baby quilt my hubby designed & I have pleasure of making it.Although it's alot of work, it is coming together nicely! Not sure I will doing anymore all paper pieced quilts, but this one has been a challenge, & a real eye opener, to say the least! More pics of this one coming!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bridget & her quilt from Grandma Nancy...

Here is our youngest grandaughter, Bridget, sitting on the quilt I made & sent to her. Looks like both the girls love their quilts & are putting them to good use!

Sydney & Her Quilt from Grandma Nancy...

Here is the "I Spy" quilt I made especially for our older grandaughter Sydney, who lives in CA, & turned 4 on May 27th. This is her first quilt from me, & I hope to be sending her more as time moves on. She really seems to love this one, so Grandma is happy too!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

One of my WIPS

This one, is one block I have always wanted to try, but it always looked so intimidating! Then, I found a good quilt mag article, with great instructions, as well as, how-to pics. So this the result & I think I have gotten over my intimidation regarding this particular block. The name of it is, of course, Tumbling Blocks. I went for the scrappy look, which I have come to realize, I love & actually prefer, & I really like the results so far!

Time to post a pic of one of my creations!

Since my new, all time, favorite pastime is quilting, I need to post a pic of one of my creations. I guess it should be my first BIG quilt that lies on our queen size bed now. It is in batik fabrics, with a rail fence block design, then, Rod & I added the borders from there, & produced this beautiful quilt! Here is the result....

1st post here!

Well, looks I made it this far, now to decorate & set up housekeeping! Let the fun begin!